Accessible Entrepreneurship,Start-Up NY

Who's Eligible

>Who can receive Start-UP NY Services?
Any person with a disability currently residing in Onondaga County.

>What Services are available?
Business plan development/review, benefit planning assistance (SSI/SSDI, etc), finance consultation and training programs.

>Is there a cost to enroll in Start-UP NY?
No – you just have to have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to become self-employed.

>What is the process?
Business counselors will assess applicant’s current career goals and review business plan. All enrollees have the opportunity to utilize the expertise of a Business Navigator, Benefits Planning Advisor, and members of our disability support services Team.

>How do I participate?
Contact a business assistance center partner or ask your disability services provider or VESID counselor to help you connect to Start-UP NY.

Start-Up NY is a collaborative project of Onondaga County, the Syracuse University Burton Blatt Institute and Whitman School of Management, ARISE, and SBA.